Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Eastpak for Spring

With temperatures expecting to rise soon, it's a good time for a taste of Eastpak's recipe for Spring. It's standard line has been constantly evolving, both in terms of design and range. The recent press day had some bright news to nicely spice-up any lifestyle whilst literally taking the weight off your shoulders.

Claim to Fame: block capital letters in bold aim to expose the printed interior of the garments through the exterior. The message? Honest. "Build to resist", which is exactly what they are.

Psychedelic: bold geometric prints in three soft-spoken tonal shades. Aiming to brighten your day with 60's hints and basic colours on a mind-blowing mission.

Monochromic: Bold blocks of colour is what Eastpak crowns as a key trend for the sunny days to come. No question, prints are going to take over our wardrobe so these could nicely balance out any outfit with maximum colour infusion.

Chix and Shape Parade: The two microthemes, Authentic Chix and Authentic Shade Parade, are the brand's girliest plan ever. Chix is a mix of optimistic, checkered shots of bright blues, pinks and yellows. As for the Shades Parade, Eastpak feels "your future looks so bright, your bag better wear shades". Funky Felix and Swanky Suzy are a cat (and) a girl chosen to execute the role, holding on tight to the overall 60's theme.

Would love to take Felix on a shopper for a stroll around town. Are you having a favourite yet?


σ said...

I must have Felix. he is super cool!!

meraldia said...

The last one is my favorite!

Thalia said...

i quite like felix as well!!!!!!