Monday, 8 February 2010

Starstyling fashion pots

Confused about what you're seeing?
In days when cool boutiques are meant to look like a boudoir or the most minimal of spaces, Berlin brand "Starstyling" went for a garden. During her recent trip to the German capitol, accessories designer Katerina Georgoudaki (aka Sugar Line Productions) visited the store and felt it was worth sharing. Well so do I.

You can't help but notice that what's growing out of these pots is strictly green. Maybe that's because among them it's carefully stashed clothes popping like blossoms in vibrant Spring hues.

"Mocking fashion's strict aesthetics, it emphasizes it's volatility instead, resulting in a colourful signature of revolt and play. Serious? Never. Fun? Always!" is how it's put in the brand's profile. Starstyling is Katja Schlegel and Kai Seifried.

No worries if you are not visiting Berlin any time soon, there is a "webshop" : future-retro sunvisors, cotton t-shirts and dresses with statement prints, lots of fringed goodness - sadly, no plants. You can also watch the s/s 10 show at Berlin Fashion Week, here.
So avant-garde(n).

*Special thanks to Katerina Georgoudaki for the in-store photos.
**All other images belong to Starstyling.


Polished Sense said...

What an awesome idea for a boutique! I love it!

Happy Monday :D


Anonymous said...

Just passed you an award :) Love your blog!