Monday, 1 March 2010

Tell a Story - Grace Atelier De Luxe

Today is the last day of the 6th Tell a Story tradeshow. After visiting yesterday, I strongly urge you to leave your chair and go check out this pretty refreshing exhibition.
Oh, wait.
Leave your chair only if you are a journalist, buyer or have some other bond/interest in fashion. TaS has moved to the first floor of MYGA, space is quite restricted so admission had to adjust. Besides, there is no chance of shopping this time so if none of the above applies to you, stay put and keep reading.

Myga's entrance looks like this. Memorize it if you are planning to go, once at the corner of Aisopou & Mikonos you'll find this very helpful. Don't pay attention to the signs saying "tickets are sold out". The entrance is absolutely free. Now walk in.
You'll be asked to fill in your details, receive the TaS bag and take the elevator to the first floor. The rail placed right opposite prepares you for the colourful ride you are in for.

Speaking of which, have a look at Grace's Atelier De Luxe delicious palette of fruity hues, all put into easy to wear spacious mini dresses, playsuits and fun zip details.

The pendant "La Belle du Jour", also by Grace, shone next to it all like a precious award we all deserve. Eat this Mr. "Mirror-mirror on the wall"!
(more finds to follow shortly)

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