Thursday, 11 November 2010

4FashionShake II - Digitaria s/s11 video presentation

'FaDe', Digitaria's fashion video by Pantelis Makkas.

In Makkas own words:
'How do the cells work in our bodies? The same question I can see behind the work I did for Digitaria. The clothes of Eleutheria Arapoglou always give me the feeling of a biological form that breathes and lives for itself. Like cells in our bodies. Do the clothes have memories? Or do they create memories?I am exploring the possibilities of creating an image when the mind is isolated and the body takes full control. Movement. This is how the body works' (...)
[extract from HERE]

Digitaria, designed by Eleftheria Arapoglou, describes itself as 'an innovative fashion label that offers bespoke tailoring and strong silhouettes that appeal to both men and women'. I'd say it's exactly that.

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