Monday, 15 November 2010

I see Barbarigos everywhere

The past few days, I've come across Vassilis Barbarigos' name (even him in person) more than any other designer. I consider it a sign so I'll share:
At 4FashionShake II with Romina Karamanea (centre) and Ino Mei (far left).
He's up to something with Apollonia B. (I spied this picture on a mobile phone)
And what is this I see on the t-shirt of Kataifi's friend, Paul Sarz, the other night at Joanaddicted's birthday bash?
Icing on the cake, Barbarigos' a/w 11 collection lookbook hitting me on the side column of my FB feed today. (Cool shoot and sexy, smart clothes actually)
Something tells me it's gonna be more signs coming my way soon.


T said...

Oh wow, I am in LOVE with that one sleeved print dress.

joanaddicted said...

sweetheart hehe you're totally right! i guess i also see barbarigos' messages everywhere!!! p.s. the sweet red boy you're mentioning as kataifi's friend is the great jewel designer Paul Sarz!!! Again, THANK YOU soooo much for coming at my party and shooting some of the most important moments of the night!!!! happy happy happy!!! big kiss lady and see you sooooon (with barbarigos or without!);-)

Alecca Rox said...

aaaaaaaaah so this is Paul Sarz! I know the work, didn't know the face (just added it thank u!)

being at ur party was special, hope to see you soon too;)