Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Rox illustrated

It's nice when press professionals appreciate what you do, but there is no greater honour than when a fellow fashion blogger says so.

Wait a minute, there is. It's when a fellow fashion blogger says so and is inspired to make an illustration about you. At least that's how I felt today seeing me illustrated at Fashion Algorithms' top post.

Gee, this could well be me!
Ever so flattered as very skillful Katerina went into all the trouble of making this fab collage but also because she spoke of me as her 'most favorite fashion blogger'. *
blush* Click on image to see what she's dressed me in, she's used actual existing outfit details!

*A whole series of fashion bloggers' illustrations is about to follow, so visit her blog regularly, HERE.


Anonymous said...

It's great to see my photo featured on your home! Thanks Alecca for everything!

jenna ♥ a little blue said...

that's awesome! :) looks great & congrats

joanaddicted said...

needless to say how special and bombing this is! and how that must have made you feel! she definitely scored! but mostly, consider how much you inspire people and bloggers so that they do such beautiful and different things... ;-)