Saturday, 27 November 2010

Bar comedy on Sunday

It's only a few hours before Ooh! La! La! kicks off and yesterday was a good day to pay rehearsals a visit. I tell you this bar comedy is avenging all childhood fairytales that hunted your adult life with their perfect happy endings. Sleeping Beauty waited too long for prince charming to find her and blow that kiss and now he's marrying someone else. Hell, I knew it all along, nothing good could come out of so much sleep! Snow White and Cinderella get the treatment too. Nevertheless, it all resumes to an ending that's, well, happy!
A "kinky" fairytale for grown-up kids (see wow shoes courtesy of EroSart sex shop), had to be told where they frequent around bedtime and that's Swing Bar, Gazi. It was fun watching a play at such unconventional settings. Bar comedy is a close cousin to stand-up and I can say I like the family. It's direct, casual and always a safe laugh with the bar at close distance:)
(can't get over the headspeaker, have put down a request for it come the end of the season)
Ooh! La! La! starts this Sunday, November 28th at 21:00, a good excuse to end this weekend among friends, booze and a laugh at those lucky ducks that used to get the prince by default. Here's a shout out by the cast:

Writer: Yannis Vlachoyannis
Direction: Yannis Vlachoyannis – Marios Karavasilis
Music Direction: Mion
Choreography: Marios Karavasilis
Costumes: Celebrity Skin
Photography: Fenia Lambropoulou
Hair: Mod’s Hair
Make-up: Maro Kokoni
Marios Karavasilis
Nina Papanikolaou
Varvara Karanikola
Yannis Vlachoyannis
Narration: Iliana Emma

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