Thursday, 11 November 2010

4FashionShake II - Schmidttakahashi

Berlin based duo Schmidt/Takahashi presented their latest project 'Reanimation' which I'm sure you'll find damn interesting. Their collection is made out of previously used textiles, based on the idea of recycling.

And it gets better: since the whole point is that garments are affected by their former users, S/T enable us to access information on their history through a restored RFID chip and via a special reader. Dig this: this way, the user can access all data regarding the former life of any garment, giving all materials a unique identity.

Gives a whole new meaning to 'I remember wearing this the day we met', doesn't it?

In their own words:
“It’s a curious and fascinating experience to slip into the external “skin” of another person. Even if the clothes are mass produced for an unknown number of consumers, each piece is affected by the individual as soon as it ends up in a the hands of that particular person. It is no longer an anonymous object. It stores aesthetic information unique to it’s owner including things like body shape, smell, posture, attitude and lifestyle. (...)“Reanimation / Wiederbelebungsmassnahmen”. [source]

Interesting presentation at the event too, with a robotic voice narration of pattern codes and fabric details substituting music. I had to show you:
(Minute 01:29)

All photos in this post by photographer/dj Ino Mei.

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