Saturday, 13 November 2010

4FashionShake II - Romina Karamanea s/s11

London-based, Greek designer Romina Karamanea's show started with a clip of her briefing us on the new collection. Based on geology and nature that deeply inspire her, this was a completely new move for the designer that has never used colour to this extent before.

Here's a clip mainly to give you an idea of catwalk direction and colour palette:

It was a rather challenging show for my compact camera, thankfully it wasn't for the lenses of fellow bloggers attending:
A collage by The Soho Symposium. More great shots, HERE.
Great snap by Life in Athens. More of this, HERE.
So pleased to have come across this shot of Karamanea's cropped jacket chez Ordinary Style Pulse's. See her glance at the event, HERE.

*Hair-styling: hair resembled the roots of a plant.

*Collection vibe: shapes and fabrics switched from winter's dark, rock mood to a more late '80s, nature-impressionistic mood. Ever so interesting when designers choose to leave their safe zone and experiment. It's called 'evolving'.

*Romina Karamanea did not traditionally greet the audience at the end of the show. She was attending however, so I had to ask. Mystery solved: she was actually handling lighting and music of the show personally. Besides, she was present at the beginning through the video and available to greet everyone one-on-one at the party that followed, before flying back to London a few hours later.

Last but not least, do take a look at Filep Motwary's take on the closing march, HERE.

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