Wednesday, 24 November 2010

It was Lagerfeld at her feet

That's no random shoe at Ino Mei's feet in this poster.
It's Lagerfeld Gallery, s/s 01 (if we all remember well today).

And it's a love story: student Ino was back then flicking through French glossy Jalouse when the catwalk image stood out. She had to have them, she turned on the back page store directory. She actually called the Lagerfeld boutique in Paris. They actually had one last pair in her size. Something like a year's pocket money in drachma was instantly bank transferred and came back as the object of her 2001 summer desire. She still remembers the smell of unworn leather upon opening the box. Those shoes still look impressive, still at her feet, good as new.

Living happily ever after with the one (pair) you fell in love with is indeed a happy end - in fashionland and beyond.

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