Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Parking Wall

This is what the parking's wall at Karitsi Square, Athens, looks like these days. Any idea what's it for? Haven't got a clue but I like the colour on this massive block of cement.


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CyPinGirl said...

nice! :)

Frini said...

hey alecca! i believe i may have a clue about this...was it accompanied by some weird sound/voices? you see, the other day, when i was at Karitsi for a coffee with some pals, we kept hearing something weird and were informed that it was coming from a nearby spot and it was part of an open-air art event, that's taking place all over downtown Athens and it's organised by the Onassis foundation. U can find more about this, at Syntagma and Monastiraki tube stations(video projections, quite interesting),Karaiskaki square and at the Archade of the book(aka Stoa tou Vivliou,hehe). At least, this is what i have come across so far, hope there's more of it, cause this is so not usual for this city, but we like that kind of unuals, right?

kiss kiss*

Alecca Rox said...

Thanx Frini! It all makes sense now, will check it out;)