Monday, 22 November 2010

If only I had £40,000

The first Christmas shop windows are already flashing and so is the length of my gifts list in my head, followed by stuff I’d like to shop or do for myself, that trip I want to start the New Year with. If only I had let’s say… £40,000?

Well that’s the amount one lucky PayPal user wins each week until December the 5th simply by paying via PayPal for her online shopping - the more times she buys, the more chances she gets,
it’s a weekly draw! What would you do with £40,000?! Would you blow it or grow it? Go on the holiday of a lifetime, or save it for a lifetime of holidays? Buy Liverpool FC, a vintage car, or an extraordinarily large meal for everyone you know?

I’ve been a PayPal user since 2005 and I’m getting excited at the idea of finally seeing a 5 digit amount credited on my account – my ebay earnings never had a chance;)

Sadly I am not aware of any Greek websites offering this payment method, if you do, please comment below. U.K. websites though have long been featuring PayPal at checkout and I know you are all regulars - at least the UK residents to whom this draw is open to! A
gift from Asos for a curvy friend, a stylish dress for your little cousin/ friend’s baby from Next, that lace t-shirt from Karen Millen, a bow-tie from Topman or a pair of crystal earrings from Ted Baker, are all potential tickets to winning a year’s salary if bought using PayPal.

Oh well, if you go any richer because I shared this, forget me not!

If I go, see you next year dahhhling!
I’ll be touring the fashion weeks of this world;)

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