Thursday, 4 November 2010

Celebrity Skin - backstage clip

Happening backstage whilst you were taking your seats:

[all photos in this clip are mine besides:
Celebrity Skin bow - ilovestardust
Elena Psoma & kiddo - Patricia Munster
Ada & Alexis - Strepkos on FB


- Strepkos being the designer, stylist, floor manager & host (impossible multitasking)
- Mparla works well under pressure;)
- Star kid Zoe posing for the photographers. Oh my the attitude.
- The amount of feet walking on such limited space and nobody stepped on anybody (impossible success)
- Ada Livitsanou's secret (not anymore) catch!
- Backstage buzz yet catwalk order.


Anonymous said...

well done alecca! amazing video!

Fenia said...

Απολαυστικο και χορταστικο !!!

Nells said...

great video!!and celebrity skin rule!!i so envy u!!
work is leaving me NO TIME