Saturday, 6 November 2010

Costarellos' fashion clip - preview

Designer Christos Costarellos is next up to embrace the fashion video concept. The clip featuring his s/s 11 collection in motion is currently in wrap-up and will be screened during 4FashionShake this coming Tuesday, November 9th. Yet another project by director Tina Sardelas.

Here's an exclusive preview in screenshots:

Extract from press release:
"In Christos Costarellos SS11 collection the power of ethereal, alluring women comes to the fore. His woman resembles the heroines in Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s poems and painting, who are sensual and beautiful in their secretly provocative way.

However, this collection is also imbued with calm and classical elegance, like Irving Penn’s masterpiece – portraits of women, which manage to combine decorum and sensuality, to be austere and playful at the same time".

Clip credits:
Hair- makeup: George Maraskas
Direction of Photography: Nadia Papanikolaou
Directed by: Tina Sardelas
Models: Tamarah & Sarah Elisabeth (Ace)

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