Wednesday, 2 September 2009

All packed! - Eastpak Competition

I'll be out of town for a few days. Will be flying to Paris for the Prêt à Porter in a few hours and I am all packed and ready for action;) Sneak preview of what's coming with me:

Usually I pack randomly (and last minute). This time I did it with a plan (...and last minute!). First compartment:

a. The Gift: I picked it up earlier today, it's a cotton, shoulder-bow Know-How dress for a friend I am meeting in Paris. (right underneath, underwear & sleepwear)
b. The shawl: it is always a clever move to check the weather at your destination. Paris evening temperatures will be around 10C so I thought a shawl in my handbag will be quite a little saviour since I'll be out and about all day.
c. Make-up & demake-up kit: small and sweet. Facewash, mascara, blush, concealer, eyeliner. Oh, and shampoo & conditioner, can't leave that to luck, can you?
d. Hair straighteners: Smaller than a blowdryer, don't need to carry extra brushes, makes you look like out of the hair salon in minutes!
e. Clothes: all from the same colour palette so that I don't have to carry many different shoes and accessories. A tip worth noting. (no outfit show-off here, I prefer you see them worn as planned)

Second compartment:

1. Flip-flops: after a full day of walking, my feet need to breathe. (Marc Jacobs)
2. Boots: we said it's chilly in the evening remember? (Eley Kishimoto)
3. Gladiators: the comfiest left-over of the summer that's just passed. (Zara)

(of course all flat. lot's of walking involved, kilometres of isles to be walked)

Inside the outside pocket: my towel. Here's another tip: always place something long and thick there, protects the contents of your suit-case from the rough airport treatment.

So that's it, I am all set. This has got to be the best suit-case I've ever had. Has seperate compartments which makes everything so tidy and easy to pack, fits tons of stuff, has wheels, has straps to keep everything in place and no matter how I treat it, it always looks good as new!

Does it sound like you could use one?
People at Eastpak were so nice as to let me have this fantastic giveaway! Just email me at with your name and "EASTPAK" on the subject and this pink baby could be yours.

Competition ends on Saturday, September 12th, you have to be living somewhere withing the Greek borders (everyone else, sorry, open competitions to follow!)
So that's it! I'm leaving you with a gift. Not for long though... Prêt à Porter updates coming soon! À bientôt!


Thalia said...

darling hope u have an amazing time!!!! i loved this post!!! very organized i must say!!!!!!

Marietta said...

No 1 : I always love "whats in your bag posts"
No 2 : You have interesting stuff and you re well organised
No 3 : Great tips!
Aww this is just what I need for my trips!

C. said...

Ma chere Alecca,
exw to idio forema se mpez apo to idio magazi!! :))

Bon Voyage!

Ri said...

Oh Paris, you can never get enough of it! Have fun there(I'm sure you will)

Abi said...

Have fun in France :)
Loving the colour co-ordination you've got going on, so simple, yet so effective! I never do that, I get distracted and pack everything!!

And you can certainly have a GrumpyDoll honey!
Ummm drop me an email for what colour you want :)
And your address would be great :)

Thanks, Abi x

meraldia said...

Have a nice trip! Can't wait for Prêt à Porter news!

Clemmie said...

Oh la la cherie

bon voyage, bise a Paris et profite!


tonia fashion tour said...

have a niceeee trip!!!!
cool post!!

marb said...

to parisi einai mageytiko ayth thn epoxh
kala na peraseis