Friday, 11 September 2009

Less & Excess (dress in excess)

Skins (reptiles, wild animals), traditional ethnic clothing, superimposition, mesh/chemicals

Veil by Laurent Desgrange.
Top by Nicone.

Hat by Murmur by Spirit.
Top by Belle Sauvage.

Jumper with hoodie by Kid Vanilla.

Shoes by Tsure. (was it?)

Guitar vinyl case by Kipling.


nele said...

love dem colours

lopi said...

If I was a guitar person, I sure could use one case like that!

BTW, am I the only one here who is strongly reminded of the IKEA logo upon seeing the yellow "EXCESS" sign? Me thinks it's the exact same font.
Is it like an ironic statement?

Alecca Rox said...

ha! nice observation!!
as far as the concept is concerned, i sure do think Ikea falls here. about the lettering though, i think this one is thicker and rounder, more pac-man-like.

Style Odyssey said...

this is so crazy, i love it!