Sunday, 6 September 2009

Je suis arrivée

I've made it;)
Porte de Versailles, so much going on here at the moment.
Walk it through with me if you like.
(actually, lucky you don't have to walk at all, whilst I am dealing with a brand new friend called *blister*!) -this post is not real time (04-09-09)

Ok, flags. Always there.
Wrong shoes: always there too. Thank Goodness it wasn't me this time!

Are you seriously planning to walk ALL.THIS.WAY. in these shoes? No way Jose...

Ah... A mini-me of my suit-case is moving towards the entrance too in the hands of a seriously tanned girl. (instant thought A: I want this tan. i.t.B: I want the mini-me too... so convenient to carry my jacket in and the tons of brochures I'll be picking up later on.)

Walk, walk, walk, and finally, voila, Block 7: Pret-a-Porter Paris.
Shaky capture of my badge: I am excited. (Also I am too darrrn cold!)

to be continued...


*Constance said...

nice..Dress up well to fight the cold girl!We expect more pics and details!!!

Katerina said...

Apisteuto....tin mia mera eisai edw k tin alli kaneis post tis fotografies sou apo to ekswteriko!!!!

Perimenw k alles fotografies gia na prasinisw apo to kako mou me tin isuxia mou!!!!


Girl next blog said...

I can't wait to see the other pics :)


meraldia said...

Epigontos perissoteres fotografies tora!!

Thalia said...

come on!!!! look forward for more info!!!!

battered couture said...

mia xara ta pernas agaphth! :))