Sunday, 13 September 2009

KnittaPlease & The Standard @ NYFW

I received this picture straight from New York and I think it's a fab break from Paris posting. Yes, it is yet another KnittaPlease project, this time as part of all happening at New York Fashion Week, now. What you see is a knit graffiti installation in celebration of NYFW, emphasizing the intersections between textile art, design, craft, street culture and the DIY movement.

I like what KnittaPlease does. Indeed they are adding some unconventional, much needed warmth to urban fixtures!

Installation location: The Standard Hotel, 848 Washington Street New York, NY 10014 , September 9-17, 2009

See Knitta's May 2007 installation at The Standard Hollywood.


lopi said...

Love them! So much, I did a paper on them for architecture school a couple of years ago. Glad to see they're still out there.

Vicki said...

hey my dear!:)
thank you, yes i received the photo you emailed me, i ended up using my photo! and just cropping it in photoshop! Did you put the photo up in a post in the end? Loving all your Paris posts you got some great photos! xx

Alecca Rox said...

@Vicki - pheeew! thought it never got to u. haven't posted the evidence of us meeting up in Paris yet, won't be long tho;)