Friday, 11 September 2009

Less & Excess (dress in less)

Nude clothing, organic, transparent, high tech, floating fabrics.

Dress by Laurent Desgrange.

"Capeline" by Emami.

Shoulder pads with chains by Dutch Fashion Foundation.
Dress by Miki Mialy.

Combination pants by Susanne Guldager.


mika said...

fainontai polu kalodoulemena kai apsoga poiotikws.

penny said...

they are all awesome!wouldnt mind an expensive gift!

lopi said...

They are totally dreamy, while still preserving a sick twist. Love!

nele said...

nudity without being...beautiful!

*Constance said...

the nude collection is my favourite*

Carrie said...

Hello! Im a friend of vicki - magpie girls! told me how great your blog was and she wasnt wrong tis fabulous! love it! you have great photography skills!

carrie xx

Style Odyssey said...

beautiful textures with the neutral palette = perfection. and such unique shapes.