Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Like it? Have it!

Oh you wouldn't think I'd come back empty handed, did you?

This bag is gorgeous (read here), it is environmentaly ethical (read here) and features a unique print and embroidery by up-and-coming designerAyumi Togashi (read here).

After a chat with the producers, the designer and the Prêt-à-Porter press people, I brought an extra one home for you.

It is a limited edition bag which was created in small numbers for the visiting press of this season's Prêt-à-Porter only and will not go on retail.

And this, is an exclusive Alecca Rox international giveaway!

To win this, email me at stating your full name. Type "less" or "excess" on the subject area, according to the type of person you are. Competition ends this Sunday, September 20th and is open to all, wherever you are!


Thalia said...

oh come on!!!!
still haven't figured out how u manage to have these give aways!!!!!
u rock!!

Alecca Rox said...

i find that this bag is an excellent example of an eco-friendly but still gorgeous accessory, with a theme that touches the big issue of how we choose to live our lives today.

i was amazed myself and a competition seemed a great medium to raise awareness on all the above. everyone involved thought so too:)

Nenyaki : ) said...

Oh God! I read the previous post about the bag and I was like "why would she do that to us? We're drooling over her posts already!" :P

But now we know the reason why!

stella said...

this is a really unique giveaway!

ναταλία^ said...

I'm in!

-cross your fingers:)


Katerina said...

I want it, I need it and I am gonna have it?????
At least I wish!!!!!


Mairyliscious said...

ti thelw twraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa