Thursday, 24 September 2009

Meet Akira Mushi

At the moment, Akira Mushi are showing their ss10 at Tell a Story, in Bios. The brand, named after Olga's dog, Akira and Anna's cat, Mushi, was presented in Paris a few days ago too and I shot a few preview images whilst having a chat about the collection. The duo, previously Lost Toys and Blanket Lo, have come together for a second season, creating fashion with a twist.

You couldn't miss the Mini ouzo on the exhibition table. And I couldn't miss the chance to comment about it. "We felt like bringing a piece of "home" with us" said Anna, "the only one that's never betrayed us!" added a friend. I found this colourful detail as witty and comforting (?!) as their clothes. *fun: the next day I saw an identical bottle on the table of their French neighbour-exhibitors. It seems they did a great job as embassadors of Greece in more than one ways at Who's Next!

Alecca Rox: How come you are here?
Akira Mushi: It may only be the second season this brand is in life, however it was decided from the very beginning that it would not be limited audience-wise. We felt this exhibition has the ideal profile to introduce Akira Mushi to the world.

AR: What makes Akira Mushi so special?
AM: The clothes we make are one-size and can be self customized by features like elastic bands and flexible bows. They can all be worn in various ways depending on the mood and the occasion.

*fuuun: each piece came with a card showing all different ways each garment can be transformed!

AR: Which fabrics have you used?
AM: We chose materials appropriate for the temperatures of the European summer, which also bring out the best in our designs: cotton, shirt-fabric, silk, linen and satin. Print-wise we fell in love with these pixel, atari-like shapes but also used descreet stripes.

(continued) Alexis Marinis created especially for us a silkscreen of a two-headed animal, supposedly being Akira's head on one side and Mushi's on the other. He also did this retro feel needlecraft print for our t-shirts. (Anna is wearing one in the picture below)

AR: What have you gathered from this experience so far?
AM: The mood here is great, we are surrounded by some of the coolest international brands and this exhibition is like an ongoing party with a lively audience. Funny enough, the first three eager potential buyers that approached us were Greek, so we must be doing something right for the Greek market! Buyers from Turkey and Portugal followed.

AR: Any surreal moments?
AM: Has got to be the guy with the cat! At some point we saw a guy wondering around wearing something that looked like an interesting furry collar. Taking a closer look we realised it was actually a living cat!

*you wouldn't happen to mean this guy, would you? (!)

Akira Mushi, Olga and Anna, are looking forward to meeting you at Tell a Story. It's been a while since I last saw such playful wearable fashion, I'm on my way for a second shot!


thestilettoeffect said...

Hi :)
Great photos, that red dress looks amazing! It's cool she gave her brand her pets names :)
Love and kisses

Elizabeth said...

amazing photos! the cat is adorable. :)

Thalia said...

i read about akira mushi a couple of days ago and i was super excited!!!
thanks for sharing this!!! i d definitely keep an eye on them!!