Thursday, 10 September 2009

Less & Excess (less: in vivo/ in vitro)

Now it's getting a bit complicated. The profiles of those living by the rules of "less" are split into in vivo and in vitro. Have a cup of coffee and try to make sense.

The woman in vivo:
"The pure, light woman who attempts to create perfect harmony between her body and spirit". Someone like Vanessa Paradis. Someone who wears heels with bare legs, draped clothing and bulky coats. All translated into colours found in nature that become one solid pantone shade.

The woman in vivo:
"Purity pushed to the extreme. She reincarnates herself in the perfection of her flesh, in her individual effectiveness". Someone like Angelina Jolie. Someone who wears a deep low-cut top, short fur coat and holds an XXL handbag. All symbolised by objects that define her life, always corresponding into one single pantone colour.

So if I am "less", am I a woman that likes to own one and only lipstick or am I a woman that likes to have one and only pair of lips, the silicone one?

(Excess coming up next)


Thalia said...

now u got me!!! i am so confused!!! :)

Alecca Rox said...

can't blame you!
i was so confused myself walking into the exhibition and seeing all this paraphernalia scattered.

What it's trying to say may not be obvious, but once you get a grasp of it, it's worth it.

*I'm always available for a quick sum up on twitter too!