Friday, 11 September 2009

Less & Excess (excess: ex situ/ ex machina)

(continued from here)
The second part of the exhibition, "excess" was devided into two characters, ex situ and ex machina. Again, not shallow points so take a close look and pick your poison.

The woman ex situ:
"A compulsive collector, her quest is for entrenched symbols and she concentrates on information gleaned about the state of the Earth". Someone like the photojournalist Alexandra Boulat. Someone who wears African boubou, a pashmina over a flowing silk dress and handmade cashmere tops.

The woman ex machina:
"At the heart of the city. She sees everything there, hears everything wants everything and takes everything. Someone like the post-punk tropical girl Ebony Bones. Someone who wears ultra skinny leather pants, eighties suit jacket and spandex leotards.

-collage by

Am I a compulsive collector or an avid consumer? Am I "ex situ" or am I "ex machina"? More the first than the latter; however looking at the state of this flat, surely a girl of excess...

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