Wednesday, 30 September 2009


No doubt, Matalou's bags and accessories make a statement. They are always top of my list and it was great to have the chance to see her new desings at Tell a Story #5. Sharing:

Matalou herself is such a positive, seriously creative person that's so into "happy" irony. Here posing for my lense wearing a mask she made for fun. The whole flu issue is not funny, but all the frenzy around it can be quite ridiculous. Being cautious is one thing but if you are to walk around in a mask, let it be a cool one!

Busted! Matalou is a walking explosion of creativity. Had to take a picture of what she did to her jeans. If you are to recreate, plz credit:) (Matalou, not me!)

And whilst we are at it, here are some shots from her stand at the previous Tell a Story. Never got a chance to show them before and they are good examples of her style and spirit. No Sir, you "don't f*ck with Bruce Lee"! Notice the variety of colours and materials she uses. Also note that she gets personally involved in the production process. Each Matalou@home item you fall in love with, the creator has personally put all her love and attention on first. Thumbs up.


Couture Carrie said...

Very cool~ love the jeans!


naiad said...

a friend of mine bought the coolest bruce lee wallet! i wish i were there!!!

Tea For Two said...

Si inspirational. Makes me wish I had a studio and all the means to make this kind of stuff. I wouldn't even know where to start but I have so many ideas. This stuff is very cool. The Bruce Lee bag - haha! Class.

Thalia said...

don't f..k with Bruce Lee!!! i loved it!!!!!

sugahspank! said...