Saturday, 31 October 2009

AXDW - Celebrity Skin

Celebrity Skin, Dimitris Strepkos and Eleni Mparla, are an AXDW success story. They made their first appearance on the catwalk in previous season as contestants and had won the awards for Best Designers & Best Catwalk. This season they are back with their show themed "Immortal Extravaganza" with larger than life models that put quite a show in fabulously and extravagantly complicated gowns. The show started with a close-up video from their shooting with Akiss Paraskeuopoulos, with the model touching her skin the way one touches a precious item. This is what followed:

Theatrical as ever, these clothes are not something you simply slip into and pop out of the house. They are rather the subject of a ceremonial preparation to show yourself to the world. Even though they started off as a stylistic explosion of the duo, the buyers demand lead to the production of this collection, now being sold in Paris and Dubai among other places. Loved the selection of shoes, especially the clever knee-high light socks touch over stilleto heels. Back-drop video by Haris Farsarakis and Studio 2,2, jewels by Liandi.


Anonymous said...

apla 8eiko show!

the1015lab said...

thanx for sharing all those great pics alecca! Seems like a great show indeed!
Am I mistaken or the trick with the tights over heels was done in a project runway final show?
Cannot remember who did it though! I also thought that was very clever..