Saturday, 17 October 2009

The Circle Scarf

What you see me wearing around my neck and over my head in this post, is a "Circle Scarf". At the moment it's about to be thoroughly washed after being worn for a week all around Paris. This approximately two metre long piece (in circumference) served me well as a scarf, hair-band, cape, even a hood(!) for the last week and now deserves some pampering. Actually, so do I. Leaving you with thirteen simple ways of instant diy suggested by it's creator, American Apparel. Who know's? Maybe there's more staff you own that can be worn in more than one ways.

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Marietta said...

Wow what a scarf! Well done to whoever thought of it, I love these kind of items and I wish to see you wearing it as a dress!
I'm aware of fresh line, tried some bath bombs and soaps once but never went back.They sure don't have the variety of Lush and something about the prices, the service..turned me off about the Freshline shops.