Thursday, 1 October 2009

Yummy end of story

Smoof...smoof... I could smell something was cooking at Tell a Story's final day! Outside Bios, the air smelled delicious.

Moving closer, I saw "koupes" and other Cypriot delicacies being fried and grilled at an impromptu street barbeque. Grabbed a carrot and went for the dip whilst trying to figure out was was it all about...

Volunteers kept refilling the bowls with ice from the bar and the cooks switched to barmen, then cooks again in seconds. Now I had a "koupa" stuffed in my mouth and was mumbling "I want one too" as people kept coming back for more of...well, everything!

I watched Metaxa brandy, lemon squeeze, soda, ice and mint being pured into my plastic glass. "What is this?" I had to know. "It's Brandy Sour, a cypriot cocktail" I was told by the cook/bartender "Google it!" (and so I did.) Such a refreshing and simple cocktail, helped the "koupes" go down nicely.

And this is MCP's work. MCP is Maria Christina Papaleontiou, an architect turned into a jewellery designer, with designs as particular, fresh and yummy as what was going on a few metres away from it, by the barbeque!

What's Maria got to do with all this? First I noticed the cooks' brooches. Then I realised it was Maria's man, Nikos, who had organised this street feast for us. (Pictured below with lovely Maria. She is wearing one of her wooden necklaces, a great example of what fashion's gonna look like in ss10 - "statement necklaces")

By the end of that evening, all the visitors were toasting to MCP, and both buyers and the crowd left with a.. good taste in their mouth. Thank you Niko, Maria & friend! Update: Thank you Demetri, Maria and Constantine. (oops! blame it on the brandy sour!)

(picture below: it seems that MCP designs were quite a hit among exhibitors too. Here's 1/2 of designer duo 2D featuring MCP)


Thalia said...

i m so sad i missed tell a story!! so many amazing designers!!! thanks for reporting back to us!!!! :)

Mairyliscious said...

giam giam !!

Demetris said...

Oh! Thank you!!!
Glad you enjoyed it.

Just a minor correction - it is Demetris, not Nikos.
And the other guy was my brother, Constantinos.

Sante and Cheers!