Friday, 23 October 2009

FWA - Vassilia

Vassilia, a jewellery designer, is having a static exhibition of her work on display at FWA. Went to check it out last night and first thing that hit me was the presentation of it all, lying on white canvases on the floor. Such a simple yet effective idea, with jewels as art paintings literally at your feet. It was mostly necklaces, bust length and easy to wear. Even though I am looking forward to short, bulky "statement necklaces" for s/s 10, I found this kind of chunkiness quite elegant.


Thalia said...

thats so cool and effective indeed!!! quite like her work as well!!!! will the "exhibition" stay for some days or is it an one of thing?

Alecca Rox said...

haven't got a clue to be honest.. will get back to you on that one after visiting again tonight. are you going at all?

the1015lab said...

And very cute stuff! (I also like her name for some reason!)