Thursday, 29 October 2009

In his shoes

This is Spiros Zanias and this blog officially declares him as "Sitting Hero of FWA 09". Spiros was one of the floor managers in charge of the sitting at the recent FWA and I tell you, I wouldn't want to be in his shoes - which by the way were lovely and thought the bow touch deserved a picture of its own. I was watching him since day1, trying to place the right people in the right seats, literally guarding the front row from those who didn't give a fig about fashion but just wanted a good view and making sure everyone was quickly placed at the best available spot. He was dedicated, effective and in the end most guests were happy, which is not easy to achieve with such a mad bunch! Here are some highlights:

Alecca Rox: Which was the funniest moment you can recall?
Spiros Zanias: Each time I heard the words "do you know who I am?"

AR: Which was the toughest?

SZ: A very rude lady kept coming each day, demanding to sit in the front row, even though she had no relation to fashion or any of the designers. She was rude and offensive.

AR: Which advice would you give to someone in charge of this job?
SZ: Three conditions - be polite, be patient and be quick. Good luck!


Thalia said...

loved this interview!! he was cool and calm!!!

lopi said...

I can only imagine the madness that takes place in there, and the patience and dignity it takes to get through it successfully. Well done for him!
(I have an answer under your comment on my post)

Christiana said...


yes yes I love him, he is adorable and so sweet & polite & patient &.....!!!