Friday, 23 October 2009

FWA - day1

Icing to my serial posting cake, here's what I turned up in for day1 of FWA. This is a Miss Selfridge dress and boots I bought from Filonos, ages ago. "You look" a friend said last night. Maybe she meant "Just-took-the-poodle-for-a-walk-by-the-sea" navy:) I thought I was too preppy, sort of like visiting your grandma for Sunday roast. Actually, I did visit my grandma yesterday (no Sunday roast), probably that's why.

To sum up day1, besides "Eponyma" exhibition and Vassilia's jewellery presentation, there was also a catwalk show by French designer Ugo Zaldi (lovely reports on this by stylesheet19 and shoppingtherapy) and a closing-the-day show by Michalis Aslanis.

I am still wondering why fashion week ATHENS opened with a foreign name, even more so since Ugo Zaldi holds his official shows elsewhere. I guess for publicity over the Greek audience since this brand sells at Tsantilis Stores* in our country. Which lands me to my next observation, that yes, FWA is moving towards a tradeshow character (still no brand stands area though).

The crowd seemed different to other seasons and somewhat less. However it was only day1 and so I'd better evaluate the situation after the lights of the last show are out.

quick note / update 24.10.09
*Even though Tsantilis Stores do sell the Ugo Zaldi collection, they have nothing to do with the brand’s presentation at Fashion Week Athens. That, was organised by Zaldi’s distributor. However, Tsantilis Stores are very active with the brands they exclusively import and this season they are showing at AXDW Paola Frani (next week).


Tea For Two said...

The boots are gorgeous on you.

battered couture said...

too preppy or not I should just say you look mighty fine! What a waist.

lucia said...

you should show us your outfits more often!

sugahspank! said...

I agree with everything said above. And I love the shirt!