Tuesday, 27 October 2009

FWA - day4, Giannetos

Should there was a true Hellenic Fashion Week, I believe this name should not be absent from the list. Didn't know much about Giannetos company, till I found this precious book inside my press kit. I was surprised to see it was a rare publication of the Giannetos family and how they turned from one village tailor's family in 1907 to an established firm making fine, classic tailleurs and suits today. As there are not many (if any at all) publications about the history of Greek fashion, I classify this illustrated book with rich archive and rare info, as a real gem and may I say how sad it is it's not up for sale in every bookstore. (If anyone's interested, you can seek it at Giannetos store, Stadiou 5 in Athens)

Even though it was the first show of the day (19.00) and it was raining cats and dogs, two factors that almost guarantee the room will be half empty, this show was quite full. Not the typical, trendy, flashy fashion, but some classic suits with a descreet modern twist, better styled for the kind than some of the most highly anticipated shows of FWA and sizes that seemed to be made for each model's measurements (something that should not even be mentioned for a show, but it seems this season it wasn't a standard).

The funky soul soundtrack of the catwalk, the true customers in the front row and the team bow at the end of the show were all extra touches I liked. A Greek company with a history of this many years, holding such an immaculate show, I was glad I made it, I was glad it took place and added to the variety of styles in FWA, I wish there were more shows in this spirit.

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