Wednesday, 21 October 2009

FWA changing face

This is a picture from last FWA, shot at the closing of Christoforos Kotentos show. Christoforos Kotentos is not scheduled to hold a show at FWA this season though, and I cannot even begin counting the other absences from the list. As a matter of fact, FWA was announced last week, beginning tomorrow with press, blogs & twitter being quiet about this in an eery manner.

1) Why the absences? Where is the hfda?

2) Why the late announcement and zero promo?

Answers coming from FWA PR office:
1 - When the hfda was asked to participate, they replied they are not ready to show for s/s 10 yet. FWA is changing face this season, with companies and new designers entering the game.

2- The late announcement came as a result of the late confirmations of the participants. Early and loud promo was therefore impossible.

This is the latest, I leave commenting to you.


the1015lab said...

I was also wondering why is it so quiet this year..

stella said...

made me feel kinda sad and disappointed.
every season i was really looking forward to it, used to be Sooo much fun.
now i don't know, still i'll try to be there, but i'm not as exited...

lopi said...

I'll agree with Stella. Disappointment is the right word to describe my feelings towards this whole thing. It just seems so unprofessional to do zero publicity and generally, such a bad turn since last October's spectacular Fashion Week. I almost don't see the point of doing it.

Thalia said...

we talked about it over twitter and i ll agree once again that disappointment and a hint of confusion are my feelings towards this whole situation.... i kind of feel sorry about the designers participating since they are definitely not making the most out of it as they should have!