Saturday, 20 March 2010

AXDW day1 - Ego Magazine Show

Ego weekly magazine kick-started AXDW with a show where celebs did the catwalk, modeling some funky numbers straight off its pages. Each outfit represented a current trend and tips were featured on the video-wall. Modeling for this show among others, Maggie Haralambidou, Patricia Milic - Peristeri, Monica Bola and Katerina Stikoudi. Clothes, not too sure which is what. I guess it's all in this week's 'Ego'.

AXDW Egw Magazine Show, March 20th 2010 from Alecca Rox on Vimeo.

All images are by my AXDW wonderful photography sponsor Patricia Munster. She's just come back from Amsterdam Fashion Week, you can check it all out, here!

Oh, and the clip, was (obviously) shot by me;)

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Anonymous said...

It seems you had fun,I really liked the tips on the screen!