Monday, 22 March 2010

Celebrity Skin's show in 2 hours

(above: Dimitris Petrou, Katerina Kontogiorgou, Eleni Mparla, Evangelos Kavathas)*
This is the moment this blog has been waiting for! In about two hours it's show-time o'clock for Celebrity Skin's collection 'Desireless Humanoid'.

I am between charging cameras, looking for my shoe (got one, one to go) and making calls to be sure dear winners' invites are at the reception (they are). And whilst madness is taking over my headquarters, chez Celebrity Skin's they are all set and relaxed enough to be cracking jokes and slipping me tips of what's to follow!

Dimitris Strepkos has just revealed that:

-Katerina Kontogiorgou will be doing the make-up, InBerlin Tzako are in charge of the hair.
-make-up will be nude and natural (it's gonna be 'desireless humanoids' on the catwalk you see)
-it's going to be his partner in crime, Eleni Mparla, wearing the closing piece whilst taking the bow by his side!

Excited. Leaving for AXDW venue in one hour and you should too. Magic invite holders or not, you can always watch the catwalk action at the projection above the bar;)

*Have said it before, isn't it nice to see designers hanging out together?

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Lopi said...

I'm excited too! Must get off my laptop and start getting ready, like, now.