Thursday, 11 March 2010

How to get invites for the shows

This must be the question of the month. I keep receiving messages and mails about this so I thought I might aswell write about it so that everyone gets their answer. Had been looking for an appropriate photo to colour this post when I came across the one above, shot by me at a Basso & Brooke show in London, some four years ago. It's not photoshopped which makes it all the more precious to me. And by the way, what they showed back then, is so now, don't you think?
Anyways, back to the point. So you want to attend shows at FWA or AXDW at the end of the month. Can't blame you, both line-ups are looking good. You have to keep in mind though that each seat is important and you must have a good reason for claiming one.

Good Reasons:
a) You are a buyer (you have a shop)
b) You are a journalist (planning to write about the show)

c) You are a fashion blogger (and your audience likes the designer / the designer likes your audience)
d) You are an ardent fan of the designer's work (wear the designer's work, can't stop talking about the designer's work, etc.)

Not Good Reasons:
a) You want to show the invite to your friends (designer won't like this)
b) Are curious if models get cellulite too (designer won't like this)
c) Don't have anything better to do (designer won't like this)

There is no 'all shows entry' pass. You have to contact the designers individually. The press passes are handled by the organiser (Q productions) and JGK Associates.

You can contact the designers individually, but also request 'all shows entry' passes and press accreditation by the organiser, AXDW. Particularly about this event, this blog is about to hand out some magic invites too so keep checking.

Alternatively, pull a Becca & Remy and try not to get caught.

Hope this helps, good luck to everyone and hope to see you there!


not a girl not yet a woman! said...

OMG!HAVE U READ MY MIND?I was wondering about this the last few days and 2day your post gave me the answer!thank u so much!

Lopi said...

"pull a Becca & Remy"
HAHAHAHA, if I wasn't at work I'd be laughing out loud like crazy now

Renatsan said...

Thanks for your post i already came in contact with them!!!!!!!!!!

WendyB said...

Deleting cellulite question from all my pitch letters now!

Alecca Rox said...

hahaha! what would you do without me Wendy B?

I V Y said...

haha cool!

leinti nti said...

the other thing you could do, is go to the venue of the show the night before, and stay there till the next day (maybe staying over in the toilets). the next day you can just emerge triumphantly. i swear people have done it for the Dior show.

Alecca Rox said...

leinti nti, now we're talking!
you see, this post was about how to get invites. getting into the shows anyway, it's a whole different matter;)