Sunday, 14 March 2010

Invites for Two in A Gondola + preview

That's right, I have three invites up for grabs for the 'Two in A Gondola' show at AXDW this Saturday, March 20th at 20:00. Email me if you'd like to attend, as usual at aleccarox[at]windowslive[dot]com, enter 'TWO' as a subject and your full name as a message.

*Due to the location of the event, this giveaway is open only to people who will be in Athens on March 20th.

**Invites will not be mailed to winners, they will be picked up at the reception upon stating their name.

***All winners will be notified by email, competition ends on Wednesday, March 17th, midnight.

and ****If you have already emailed me about the 'all-shows-entry' invites, you need not email me again. If your name doesn't pop at that selection, I will automatically put you up for this one.

In case you don't know much about the brand, you can go back to this post, the brand's website, or simply check out the amazing harem pants from the s/s 10 collection, at the image below:
Here's a small preview of what you're about to see on the catwalk this Saturday, followed by parts of the official release:
Recreating the drapes of the garments on ancient Greek statues was seen as a challenge by the designer Elena Pavlou, who came up with the idea to convert these shapes into contemporary clothing. Thus, the concept “Fragile Stiffness” is the guideline for her personal label two in a gondola. Her aim is to create living statues in the city!

She uses three-dimensional cuts to enhance the natural flow of loose garments, creating a new and contemporary aspect of the draping. The whole look is playful and chic, dynamic while not aggressive, since the organic cuts create flattering lines for the female figure.

Clean forms, short jackets, cocoon tops worn with pencil trousers, balloon skirts and short dresses as well as bizarre overcoats comprise the collection Two in A Gondola – Prêt-à-Porter.

The designer’s proposal is accompanied by compact, sometimes heavy, fabrics, like Lana cotta and punto roma, or lightweight see-through silks and elaborated jerseys. Matt and glossy textures are combined in the same garment interacting playfully with the light.


yiqin; said...

Gorgeous clothes.

renatsan said...

well it was quite easy to get an invitation for the AXDW ,but i really cant find any contact and schedule for the Athens fashion week at gazi.I e-mailed them i called them but nothing yet!!!!

Alecca Rox said...

"FWA. There is no 'all shows entry' pass. You have to contact the designers individually. The press passes are handled by the organiser (Q productions) and JGK Associates".

(from this post:

renatsan said...

Thanks anyway!!