Tuesday, 23 March 2010

AXDW day 3 - Celebrity Skin (show)

Show-time! The lights are out and after a short projection/preview of Celebrity Skin's a/w 10 official shoot (shown to you exlusively here first) we see what it's all about. And that's texture. That, and imposing details on delicate fabrics. This show marks a year after the duo's first appearance under this signature and they are still going strong in their mission to bring fantasy to what we wear. I think they are doing a wonderful job:
Wonna watch it all from the front row? You know it by know, I've got a clip for you:

(all photos in this post are by Patricia Munster)


battered couture said...

first things first: you are doing an amazing job ma dear. and secondly, how can I get my paws on the first dress? :D

Anonymous said...

Loved the gray waistcoat and the combination of fabrics was amazing!
A touch of stardust in everyday outfit!

Marietta said...

Teleia antapokrisi, teleies photo, teleia post! Keep going! xxx