Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Peeps into what Celebrity Skin are up to!

Their collection, "Desireless Humanoid", will be unveiled on the catwalk in less than a week now and I'm about to give you some exclusive peeps on what it will be like (you've seen it in "flesh" here of course, but now we are taken behind the scenes - or seams?). The creators themselves do the honours.

Eleni Mparla showing us the light brocade fabrics:
No, no, it's not gonna be all black:
Here's the overall picture:
Dimitris Strepkos showing us the texture:
And some more:
Want a closer look of that gorgeous last one?
And then there's this:
...magnified or you'll miss half its glory:
Now this looks rather minimal to me. Classy too. I'd receive an award in it any time:
And speaking of awards, this is how it all began, with an award, almost a year ago:
Lucky Niki Ermi has already tried everything on. Judging from that smile, she must be feeling like a queen in CS. A dark queen:
Can't wait to see them off those hangers, reflecting flashes and striking poses at the end of the runaway. Wonna be there too? This competition will be on till Friday.