Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Headlines of what went on today

12:00 - Arriving early at Technopolis, Gazi in my new shoes.
13:00 - The press conference for Fashion Week Athens reveals its hidden cards.
15:00 - Visit designer Barbarigos' atelier between Syntagma and Psurri, check out what's new.
16:00 - Whilst there, meet jewellery designer Angelica Komis who's just returned from showing in Munich.
19:00 - Back to Gazi, straight to Intrepid Fox for Holy Mustache's Vintage bazaar. (read about it here)
20:00 - Waiting for a friend who never arrives, start testing my new knitting needles.
22:00 - Knackered. Arrive at home. Want to tell you all about what went on but it's just too much and I'm just too tired. Posting headlines and promise to elaborate soon.

*next up, exclusive images from Celebrity Skin's preparation for their AXDW show. Less than a week to go...


Angelica said...

Thanks Alecca! It was a pleasure meeting you!
My web address is: www.angelicakomis.com

battered couture said...

hey busy busy bee. very exciting stuff indeed. wanna meet up in FW?

Thalia said...

just love your posts when they are so random but actually do make sense!!!

natalie said...

Looks like a fun day! Cute shoes. :)