Thursday, 18 March 2010

Mad about Holy

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This is Holy. Holy Mustache. A Vintage Collector, Stylist & Producer, a... Vintage Brand and +
HOLY MA$H+ Dresscode Parties Host (sic from FooBoo). He's been throwing a Vintage Bazaar at Intrepid Fox since last Sunday and it was partly luck, partly curiosity that brought me to its doorstep. Here's a quickie (?) on how it was:The Gem
The space was packed with vintage-retro sweet stuff.
What's the gem of your collection?
"This '40s authentic swim-suit" (above) he said without second thoughts and indeed this was a gem. However it wasn't the gem for me, being a couple of sizes too big.

The Moment
Holy is a very good host I have to say, he happily took me for a tour. The moment* he really had me though was right here, in front of this pool-table-turned-to-purse-display:
Where does all this come from?

"Most of it is brand new, just old. I am really into Greek vintage stuff (moment*). I look for old stock in good condition, from old Greek companies that may no longer be around. Take these purses for example".
The Suit-Case
And in case you are the kind of person that likes hidden treasures, he hid some in this suit-case, knock yourselves out. Hid them, and priced them for 10 euros each. It wasn't just the suitcase contents in this price range though.

The Wedding Dress
If(/when?) I get married I want my wedding dress to be delivered in this look (and french accent).
"What do you think of this wedding dress?" Holy says. I am thinking "it rocks" but I say "I am not getting married soon". "You don't need to get married to wear a great dress" says he. Now there's a thought.
Memory Box
At the back of the room. Filled with and surrounded by magazines and objects that lay in our childhood memories. 'Manina', 'Katerina', a walkman, new-old sexy garters and some ('70s?) porn magazines - records of life before photoshop. (last ones are not in my childhood memories, but if I was a boy...?)
Radio Retro
And fully working too. Looking at the picture now I'm thinking it'd also make one smashing music handbag.
This is an insider's one. Placed here to send "thinking of you"s to a friend who works (hard) for Olympic Airlines which once was Airways. Ok, I quite like it too.

The Poster
So. Today is the last day, scheduled to reach the finish line in Rock'n'Roll by Jesus De La Mascara. Go look for those 'made in Greece' tags but make sure you check out the new arrivals from Sidney too, meet Holy and make him style you, flick through stories of the past whilst cipping your beer. Poster reads 'Holy Gone Mad' and so will you about what's in store (bar).
(i'll show you what I bought soon, it's special and deserves a post of its own)


Lopi said...

I always say I wanna go and I always keep postponing it. Well, today is my last chance. Until the next one that is!

ShoppingTherapy said...

thanx for sharing this. very interesting post for a very interesting person

battered couture said...

you got to love holy. you just gotta.