Monday, 1 March 2010

Tell a Story - Meet the Cat

By now, it is clear to everyone that I am such a fool for the 'statement necklaces' this season. Close to the neck but still no chokers, bulky, eye-catching, the queen of accessories for Sping. When it comes to that, Meet the Cat is the queen of my heart and above you can see four good reasons for that. Funny enough, I do not own such a necklace yet but no doubt, the statement I'd like to make would be in a Meet the Cat zipper piece.


justaddaccessory said...

katapliktika a3esouar!!!

ShoppingTherapy said...

αυτα τα ποστς σου μου αρεσουν παντα!!

Vicki said...

beautiful pieces!! great photos my dear! :)
thank you for your lovely comment and for the award!!
vicki x

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous pieces!
I love statement necklaces too!


The F Word Online said...

i love these pieces ! will definitely check it out

xx lue

WendyB said...

Cool stuff.