Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Celebrity Skin show invites

Ok, 10 double invites for Monday's show which is meant to be so different yet equally impressive to the previous ones. Rox readers, you are invited!

Keep in mind that Celebrity Skin started making frocks only as show-pieces about a year ago. They have come a long way since then, their fans love them and they are returning the love back by making explosive creativity all the more wearable. Really? Really. Come see on Monday the 22nd.

To attend, email me at aleccarox[at]windowslive[dot]com, enter 'CELEB' as a subject and your full name as a message.

And again:
*Due to the location of the event, this giveaway is open only to people who will be in Athens on March 22nd.

**Invites will not be mailed to winners, they will be picked up at the reception upon stating their name.

***All winners will be notified by email, competition ends on Friday, March 19th, noon.

****If you have already emailed me about the
'all-shows-entry' invites, you need not email me again. If your name doesn't pop at that selection, I will automatically put you up for this one.

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