Wednesday, 3 March 2010

FF Thought #8

"When at a hair salon for the first time, don't ever go for the hairdresser with the perfect hair", someone once told me. "Most likely the best one is the messy-looking at the back: fully booked with appointments, too busy making everybody else's hair look great thus not having a minute to spare on her own".



Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more!My mum has a hair salon and she is always the one with the crazy messy hair!

battered couture said...

don't you just hate hair salons? Hair stylists have been bombarded with marketing and psuchology seminars, they think they can manipulate you into bying anything so they won't shut up the entire time you re there.

Alecca Rox said...

@LS - ur kidding! oh, ur so lucky... and she must be good, your hair always looks so pretty;)

@BC - i have stopped going to hair salons mainly because none kept me happy. seriously, i'd have to go home after having paid a fortune and re-do my hair myself, whether it was cut, style, even colour (back in the days).

now i have them done by a friend who mainly does editorial styling and comprehends the difference between 1cm and 10:)

HOWEVER, i do like to visit oldschool non-franchise salons every now and then and I am always fascinated by how they pump-up granny hair! once a granny, i'll go for it.