Monday, 8 March 2010

AXDW - the schedule

It's official.
I am ever so pleased to see certain new additions, can't wait.
Appropriately dedicated to the recent loss of Alexander McQueen.


Elena said...

Θέλω κιεγωωωωωώ!

renatsan said...

Is there any way to find invitations for the Athens fashion week at Gazi. Because i really want to attend but i can' t find information.Thank you

Rena Tsan said...

Do you know where i can find invitations for the Athens fashion week at Gazi!Because i can't find any information.

Alecca Rox said...

The safest thing to do is contact the designers directly. When I have more relevant info I'll share;)

bahianna said...

min xasete to savato stis 22:00 to show tou IOANNIS GUIA kateftheian apo Parisi me tis katapliktikes dimiourgies tou me panta "elliniko aroma".

mipos exete plirofories gia to party meta?dj set etc?