Friday, 26 March 2010

FWA - day 2, Aslanis

You are in for a long one. Not because I favoured this show especially, but because it was looong. The suggested time-length for the usual catwalk is 13 minutes. This one must have reached half an hour hands down. It went on,
and on,
and on,
and on,
and on, (don't quit on me now)
and on... (India)
and. on. (Scotland)
(and) (on) (get the feeling by now?)
till the models got married, or so it felt.
I guess if you include any style possible in all available fabrics, you have all tastes covered. Oh well, what can I say? Can't even pick a main trend for this collection except maybe...all occasions in a lifetime?
All photos by Patricia Munster.


Thalia said...

love your posts dear!

natalie said...

Um, looks like Aslanis had a big fight with cohesion and dumbed her.

natalie said...


Anonymous said...

It's a clever post! ha ha! felt exactly the same watching this year's collection! well done for putting it in words so nicely!