Monday, 15 March 2010

Sponsoring your sponsor & AXDW party

Last Thursday, as most of you know, was AXDW's "Meet The Designers" party. I was all dressed up and ready to go, just had to take care of some last minute work on my PC. Tic...toc...type...enter...type... last time I hit enter was 1.15 in the middle of the night and already late o'clock for what I was later told was a great party.

Had a taste through's on the spot broadcasting, but was kicking myself for having no visual to share with you. Dear Celebrity Skin -who I am meant to be sponsoring, have just... sponsored me with the contents of their camera. Happy bunny I am. And sharing:
Celebrity Skin: Eleni Mparla, Dimitris Strepkos.
Dimitris Strepkos with AXDW glowing organiser, Tonia Fouseki.
Model Niki Ermi in Celebrity Skin.
Strepkos' Bros: Theatre director Christos Actually, it's Nikos, the third brother and unseen hero of Celebrity Skin and C/S Dimitris.
Dimitris Strepkos with designers Stelios Koudounaris and Notis. (Where is Eleni Mparla? I guess at the other side of the lense!)

Note: I really like it when designers get along.

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