Thursday, 25 March 2010

FWA - day 1, the venue

And this is what it looks like ladies and gents. More glamorous than ever, the outside area has been transformed into a lobby with tables nicely decorated for the crowd to stand and mingle, delicious catering at the back and a projection of what's going on in the main catwalk area. Well-done, first impression: I am pleasantly surprised.
At the entrance of Technopolis, the welcome was as sweet as it gets: Begnis choco-lollies. My taste-buds had a moment in heaven, especially as the cake from Begnis' Salamina bakery was present in all my most delicious childhood memories.
Excellent presentation too, with chocolate being just the beginning. Finger-food, champagne and juices were coming and going all evening.
And had you been at FWA in the past, you'll recognize the space below, the night boutique. At its usual room with plenty of discounted designer clothes (some, generously I must say). Mostly Greek, but I did spot some JCDC amongst others too.
That's it for venue related info, more on this area tomorrow. Christoforos Kotentos' show was the one and only of the day, it was totally in-line with the good first impression of everything today and it's coming up next.

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Lopi said...

Great start indeed.

I sooooo regret the fact I didn't try any of the chocolate. Now I can't get it out of my mind and your post ain't helping missy!