Saturday, 20 March 2010

AXDW is on

Athens Xclusive Designers Week's first day has just finished, with a very enthusiastic fashion crowd going through its doors. Interesting shows, a full room and plenty of celebrities on and off the catwalk! Sad you missed it? No you did not! In the posts to follow you'll be front row from your screen. Besides, was live blogging on the spot!

The evening began with a fair and funny question by a fellow blogger: Is Dimitris Strepkos really that nice? You tell me I thought. Dimitris had just finished setting up the showroom of AXDW, but was in his usual high spirits (the man never seems to get tired). Here he is meeting Elena, Chloe in the Sky, Lopi and Hari K. The verdict? He is that nice:)

Stay tuned, day one on the catwalk is up next.

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