Thursday, 25 March 2010

FWA - starting, now!

Before we even had time to catch our breath from AXDW, FWA opens its doors today (schedule, here). These are all images from the press conference back on March 16th, when apart from dates and show line-ups, it was also revealed that we are in for:
-Video Presentation (Filep Motwary, Maria Mastori)
-Ethical Fashion (Red Thread)
-Trade Showroom & Paternariat (30 foreign buyers from Eastern Europe and the Middle East meet some of Greek Fashion Industy's key players)
-Fashion, Art and Charity (Action Aid)
-Night Boutique (The usual boutique where you can buy designer items at discount prices)

Openning show, today at 22:00 - Christoforos Kotentos.
(picture below: the venue, shot on the day of the press conference. Obviously there was some other event going on, but you get the picture. Can't wait to see what it looks like tonight - off I go.)


fashionist__ahead said...

oraioo post..
9a exoumee na vlepoume ki alles
foto apo epidei3eis mias p zw st

Niviarsiaq said...

You have a busy life... and it all sounds so fun!