Sunday, 28 March 2010

FWA - day 3, Dimitris Dassios

Since the last show I watched by Dimitris Dassios, I had been looking forward to the next. And this was it last night, sadly far too late for me no matter the anticipation. It was scheduled for 22:00 plus the reasonable delay between shows adding up, it must have kicked off some half our later.

However, the show is not everything, as today there are plenty of lovely photos out and about featuring his work. You can get an idea here and then click on to Patricia Munster's website for the full version.

In case you have not been following Dassios' work, his lux folk-ethnic inspired creations are all about the upper part of the body, and so are his shows. He always finds imaginative materials and constructions to cover the bottom part. Last time it was exquisite long skirts from flower-wrapping parer. This time he managed to get his models into umbrellas.

I know Clemmie, from Clemmie & Melroy, is a big fan of Dassios' shows too and as she is in London and could not attend, this post is especially for her.

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Clemmie and Melroy said...

<3 <3 oh boy I' ll shed in tears... Not only does your post make me emotional, but also umbrellas?! Dassios is a genius. In the end, I never tend to notice his upper part of the body creations. Not to mention, I am still seeking those flower wrapping paper skirts...

big love